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Infin8 is a company that has a big vision. Change the way the people carry out their daily banking needs through the mobile. On average in Europe banking users have relationship with 4 banks. Right now there is no single application that can replace the mobile banking apps offered by the banks. Hence, banking customers need to use multiple mobile banking apps to cover their banking needs. Clearly this is not practical and there is huge room for improvement. We are here to solve this problem as we have created the only mobile banking app that you will ever need regardless of the number of banking product you have and the number of banks you use. Unlike our competitors we are not only going to aggregate information but allow the users to initiate transactions and more importantly use data mining to make financial recommendations. The MVP is already available and we have connected our app to the Eurobank APIs. Some of the key features of our app are: account aggregation, personal finance management, payment initiation and financial advice based on your transaction history.
REACTOR.UA – перша в Україні платформа відкритих інновацій з методологією, інфраструктурою та інструментами для системної роботи з новітніми ідеями.