putin's aide: London will be bombed first

putin's aide: London will be bombed first

The russian state duma threatens to take revenge for Kaliningrad

putin's aide: London will be bombed first

What happened? London will be the first city that russia will bomb in case of the outbreak of World War III, according to a close ally of putin, State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov.

Source: Sky News reports.

Details. Speaking on russia's Channel 1 television, Andrey Gurulyov, a State Duma politician, said the UK capital would be hit first if the blockade of the russian exclave Kaliningrad led to war.

“We'll destroy the entire group of enemy's space satellites during the first air operation,” he said. “No-one will care if they are American or British, we would see them all as NATO.”

“Second, we'll mitigate the entire system of anti-missile defence, everywhere and 100%. Third, we certainly won't start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin. The first to be hit will be London,” he said.

“It's crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons,” Gurulyov said.

Background. On June 18, Lithuania stopped transporting products that fall under Western sanctions by rail to Kaliningrad.

In russia, Lithuania's actions were called “openly hostile”.

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