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2 october 2020
4 may 2020
o-owner and CEO of HD-group; co-founder of the charity foundation Social Initiatives told about organizing work processes under pandemic conditions, strengthening sanitary standards for food production, supporting employees, and introduction of measures for those who need it most today
30 april 2020
The total capacity of the enterprise is 120 tons of bakery products per day
18 april 2020
Charitable Foundation Social Initiatives of Boris Shestopalov and Serhii Chekalskii responded to the call of the Single Coordination Center working under the Kyiv City State Administration
2 february 2020
The fund was created to consolidate the resources of HD-group, manage core acquisitions in 2020-2021, and implement direct as well as portfolio investments in the agri-food segment
16 january 2020
Within 5 years the project is to attract over 700 million UAH of investments
18 december 2019
The plant produces 28 types of products in private label format and under their own trademarks
11 december 2019
The transformation process is aimed at changing management approaches and moving from the bread production segment to the agrifood segment with a focus on B2B clients
25 november 2019
The impact of Industry 4.0 on economic growth is confirmed by international examples of digital transformation
13 march 2019
No dividends will be paid. The net profit of UAH 449 134 thousands will be reinvested for the companys financial needs