The war in Ukraine may end in 2023 Budanov

The war in Ukraine may end in 2023 Budanov

At the same time, the kremlin is not going to limit its appetites to Donbas and is planning the complete destruction of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine may end in 2023  Budanov

What happened? The russian-Ukrainian war may end in 2023.

Source. This was stated by the head of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, in an interview with the RBC-Ukraine agency.

Details. According to him, in August 2022, Ukrainians will see the first results of a turning point in the war, by the end of 2022, active hostilities will decrease considerably, and in 2023, the war may finally end.

The head of Ukrainian intelligence said that he would consider the end of the war to be “the exit of the Ukrainian army to the borders of Ukraine of 1991 year.”

Regarding the intelligence data of international partners, Budanov noted that the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine relies on its own information. And the goal of russia is the complete destruction of Ukrainian statehood.

“I repeat once again that we were the first to say what and how it would happen. Therefore, I can tell you with full responsibility that russia's plans are the complete destruction of Ukraine. And any insinuations regarding the assumption that, perhaps, Donbas will be enough for them, I will kindly ask you not to ask me such questions. We will not trade our territories,” Budanov summarized.

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