russians force ZNPP workers to sign contracts with Rosatom under torture

russians force ZNPP workers to sign contracts with Rosatom under torture

Despite torture and blackmail, Ukrainians hold their ground and refuse to cooperate

russians force ZNPP workers to sign contracts with Rosatom under torture

In Enerhodar, the satellite city of the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia NPP, the russian military has significantly intensified the search for those Ukrainian nuclear workers who have not signed employment contracts with the fake Zaporizhzhia NPP Operating Organization JSC or another Rosatom enterprise for more than a year – the kremlin continues to control the plant by registering it with a specially created legal entity.

Source. This is reported in the Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Energoatom.

According to the agency, the military is torturing employees, and several have been beaten to force them to cooperate with the aggressor.

"Even despite threats, torture, blackmail and continuous intimidation, Ukrainians at ZNPP are behaving with dignity and refuse to cooperate," Energoatom said in a statement.

ZNPP was occupied by the russian military at the beginning of the war. Since then, Rosatom employees have also been there. The station is constantly operated by Ukrainian personnel.

Torture at ZNPP was reported back in September 2022. russian security forces were already abducting, torturing and killing Zaporizhzhia NPP employees and residents of Enerhodar. One of the sources told The Insider that the plant's employees were forbidden to carry cameras to work, and were regularly searched and interrogated.

The staff was forced to take russian citizenship, taken to an unknown destination, kept in basements for 2-3 weeks, intimidated, and some were taken to the city hall for a "conversation." The conditions of detention were cells measuring 3 by 4 meters, with 12-16 people in one room.

On September 30, the russian military took the station's general director, Igor Murashov, to an unknown location. On October 3, he was released and returned home. Ukrainian employees of the Zaporizhzhia NPP were also threatened with being sent to war.

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