Switzerland allocates $109 million to Ukraine for demining

Switzerland allocates $109 million to Ukraine for demining

A prerequisite is that the demining be done in the rear, not at the front

Switzerland allocates $109 million to Ukraine for demining

On Friday, the Swiss government (Federal Council) approved the allocation of 100 million Swiss francs ($109 million) to Ukraine for demining. The Federal Council emphasizes in its press release that this is "humanitarian" demining, i.e., in the rear, not at the front.

The 100 million francs will be spent over four years, in 2024-2027.

The Federal Council reminds that during the war, it has already allocated 15.2 million francs to Ukraine for demining, donated special equipment and organized training for Ukrainian sappers.

The Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining and the Swiss Demining Foundation (SDC) are working in the Ukrainian rear, in the areas where there were battles.

"This additional package of 100 million francs will allow Switzerland to expand the demining work carried out by the SFM and other demining operations, provide Ukrainian deminers with equipment and training," the press release says.

Background. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SES sappers have discovered and destroyed more than 430,000 pieces of ammunition in Ukraine. 30% of the country's territory remains potentially dangerous and needs demining since the start of Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine.

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