Ukrainian women in the war are fighting against Russian invaders

Ukrainian women in the war are fighting against Russian invaders

Stories of four Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women in the war are fighting against Russian invaders.

10 years ago she started her career in the manicure service. In January she bought a bike. At 5 AM on the 24th of February, she woke up to the words “Wake up! A war has begun”
Albina didn’t rush to the border. She found the good hands for her cat and went to serve in the territorial defense. Now she’s a paramedic, and her callsign is Shark.

She was a military lawyer, after serving in the army from 2018-to 2021 she retired, traveled across Europe, and started working with horses. But as soon as the war started – Anna came back. Each one should do his job – she decided, and today she’s in the headquarters of the territorial defense unit.

She had just come home after the trip around Ukraine when the war began. In the morning she was already driving with a neighbors and kids away from Kyiv. But halfway through, Myroslava understood that she could not run. So after taking the son to a safe place, she came back.
She’s defending the city along with the volunteers and the armed forces, and still receives invitations to go to safe places in Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany, and Turkey. But she stays at home.

Successful lawyer, deputy assistant before the war. Nowadays she works at one of the headquarters of the territorial defense. She’s good at logistics but always ready to take the gun. Her father is in the territorial defense of the Khmelnytskyi region. Her brother serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Defending Ukraine became a family business.

These are just a few Ukrainian ladies that became the heroines for the photo project Vazhlyva – The Important. The author-photographer Kateryna – for 9 years gathered women without any borders. Servicewomen, paralympic sportswomen, regular mothers. But when the war began – Kateryna found new inspiration for her project. Because each one of these women is important, and along with the fight for freedom, Ukrainians represent force, beauty, and inviolability.

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