The Chernivtsi bread factory has joined the GOC HD-group

The Chernivtsi bread factory has joined the GOC HD-group

The total capacity of the enterprise is 120 tons of bakery products per day

The Chernivtsi bread factory has joined the GOC HD-group

The JSC «Chernivtsi bread factory» has joined the GOC «HD-group». This was reported by the press service of the Group.

In the production structure of the factory, bread products take 94% of the assortment, pastry and confectionery – 6%. Bread products are represented by 22 types of bread whereas pastry and confectionery comprise over 50 types of products.

According to the press service, the total capacity of the enterprise is 120 tons of bakery products per day. The capacity of the casten bread production line is 82 tons per day, the production line for loaves and toppling bread is 31 tons per day, the production line for small items is 5 tons per day, the confectionery shop is 2 tons per day.

1500 outlets receive the products of the Chernivtsi bread factory daily. In addition to linear retail, the products are presented in all national and regional networks of the Chernivtsi region. The company also has an advanced trading network, which comprises 51 own points of sale.

During the quarantine, the Chernivtsi bread factory has actively supported socially vulnerable categories of citizens in the region as a part of the policy that is implemented at all enterprises of HD-group. Several institutions have received targeted assistance in the form of the produce from the Chernivtsi bread factory, namely Chernivtsi Social Center «Turbota», City center of social services for family, children and youth, Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Hospital, Chernivtsi Regional Blood Service Center, and People's Association «Narodna Dopomoha» (People's Aid)».

Boris Shestopalov, co-owner and CEO of HD-group

«The integration of the Chernivtsi bread factory into HD-group began when the COVID-19 epidemic covered the world, and we faced all the complexities of this project! It was a real stress test for the company and the first major project of the investment fund created by HD-group's shareholders for making profile investments in the food industry. I can say with certainty that we have steeply passed this stage and were able to integrate the Chernivtsi bread factory into the bakery production cluster of our growing HD-group!

Although the experts of the Group and Chernivtsi bread factory are communicating today mostly online, we are successfully implementing projects aimed at the innovative development of the factory! Moreover, our charitable foundation «Social Initiatives» immediately joined the implementation of regional and city programs related to the delivery of bread products to the most socially vulnerable categories of citizens in the Chernivtsi region.

Yes, we are living under quarantine that, unfortunately, can be the start of a national crisis as part of a global crisis. I do not wish to talk about the possibilities that this crisis creates... it would surely be better if there was none, but it is just the way it is. All I can say is that we do not intend to deviate from our strategy, and very soon we will announce the completion of several more similar projects. And so it will be for sure! Because even in such a difficult time it is necessary to launch your so-called «dream spaceships», – comments co-owner and CEO of HD-group Boris Shestopalov.

Serhii Chekalskii, co-owner of HD-group

«The acquisition of the Chernivtsi bread factory is the result of the transformation of HD-group into a national player in the bread market. The cluster management system will reduce the cost of production and improve its quality for the consumer», – summarizes the co-owner of HD-group Serhii Chekalskii.

It should be noted that on the Easter eve HD-group provided aid to socially vulnerable citizens in Kyiv.

About HD-group:

HD-group – is a group of companies, founded in 1998 as the GOC «Hlibodar» in Zaporizhzhia. Its founders are Serhii Chekalskii and Boris Shestopalov. The group comprises grain processing enterprises, bread and pastry factories, a jam and preserves plant, as well as companies providing procurement and logistics services.

In 2019 the GOC «Hlibodar» was transformed into «HD-group». Nowadays HD-group functions as an agrifood platform, acting as a service center with a set of outsourcing functions in the B2B market – from the production of goods (within the existing production areas) to the provision of procurement and logistics services.

The number of employees is more than 2600.

EBITDA Margin Ratio 2019 – 14,8%.

Revenue excluding VAT in 2019 amounted to UAH 1.235 billion.

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