"Heroic Peacemaker" Ovsyannikova works for the putin regime

"Heroic Peacemaker" Ovsyannikova works for the putin regime

The propagandist extends to the Western audience a narrative about «necessity» of removal of sanctions from the Russian Federation

"Heroic Peacemaker" Ovsyannikova works for the putin regime

It became known that the "opposition" Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova is used in information and psychological operations of the aggressor state.

Source. This was reported by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

Details. After her "deed" – a demonstration of an anti-war poster live on Russian television – Ovsyannikova received recognition and a credit of trust in the West.

Now the propagandist is using this reputation to promote the narrative of the "need" to lift sanctions on Russia.

Ovsyannikova said on Italian television that "Russophobia is unacceptable and that Russians should not be held collectively responsible for Putin's actions." According to her, the sanctions are aimed at "ordinary people and make their lives much worse."

Background. Earlier, a group of independent Russian sociologists with an interval of one and a half weeks – from late February to mid-March – conducted a poll, which found that almost three quarters of Russians support the war against Ukraine, experiencing such positive emotions as pride, joy, respect, trust and hope. The results of the social survey are at the disposal of the Russian service of Radio Svoboda, Ukrainian Radio Svoboda reports.

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