The kremlin declared Japan an unfriendly country peskov

The kremlin declared Japan an unfriendly country peskov

The topic of radioactive dust sounded again

The kremlin declared Japan an unfriendly country  peskov

russia threatens to use strategic nuclear weapons against what it calls its main rival, the United States.

In particular, on one of the federal TV channels, the presenters, including the well-known kremlin propagandist olga skabeyeva, showed viewers a mounted video in which an alleged nuclear warhead launched from russia reached the American continent and destroyed the entire city.

That caused laughter and joy from the side of the presenters.

Quotes. “TheAmericans do not have such missiles and never had. What makes the South Pole attractive – either through the South Pole or through the North Pole – we have only one goal, the continental territory of the United States.”

“If the rocket is where it could be, what kind of objects could it destroy? What areas, territories?”

“I will tell you that if these 7.5 megatons reach the territory of our, so to speak, partner, they can destroy such a city as New York. Good city, but it will not exist anymore. Never.”

“And this is only after one rocket.”

“Yes, after one rocket. Completely. That's why it is better for us to refrain for a while from doing this.”

“By the way, the Americans have always been afraid of our heavy missiles.”

Two days earlier, russia had tested its new “Sarmat” intercontinental ballistic missile and said the launch had been successful.

Analysts say russia has tested a ballistic missile to cover up its failures in the war against Ukraine.

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