2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global

2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global


2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global

Here are some of the top features on the ProBit Global exchange which can help you build a solid strategy for a confident entrance into the crypto world.  Of course, you should not forget to do your research. Always read carefully about a company, its team, privacy policy, and other presented information before using their platform or service.

1. Airdrops – Easy level of complexity

2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global

Beginners in their early stage of exploring the crypto world usually have some questions or doubts. By trying any of our airdrop events, you’ll find it is one of the least demanding ways to be immersed in the crypto field without spending a penny.

At ProBit Global, we conduct regular airdrops and similar events for new and existing users so that everyone can learn to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency. In most cases, the bonus sum is enough for a user to complete their first trade orders on our platform.

Moreover, we also conduct cool regional events that give you a chance to get some tokens for completing simple tasks. Check the events here so as not to miss out on any of them.

2. Buy Crypto with a Card – Easy level of complexity

2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global

If you want to get some crypto assets and save on third-party services, then the “Buy Crypto” feature is for you. ProBit Global has already integrated the services of Moonpay and Banxa to provide its users with a 1-click fiat payment rail to enjoy buying any crypto asset with a card.

With more providers to be added soon, the feature enables users to simply designate the desired amount in fiat to be converted into a specified crypto asset to complete a purchase, bypassing the often challenging route of placing a buy order on secondary markets.

The ProBit Global on-ramp aligns with the exchange’s vision to be the most comprehensive coin-to-coin platform, accelerating widespread crypto adoption by enabling non-native crypto users to purchase tokens using legacy payment solutions such as credit cards and fiat.

Aside from setting up desired transactions and making an instant payment, the new feature also supports additional payments from bank transfers and Apple Pay, particularly with the recent launch of its long-awaited iOS trading app.

3. Trading Competitions – Medium level of complexity

2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global

With your acquired crypto asset, you can participate in any of the ProBit Global trading competitions to get the best of your crypto ownership. The trading competitions form a part of the token listing campaigns. Users and projects benefit from the competition, as the exchange enables top traders to get a significant amount of tokens as a reward for their trading activities. 

A user is required to stake a minimum of 100 PROB (ProBit Global’s token) to be eligible to participate in a competition over six months.

While not as popular yet, the competitions offer users a great opportunity to win rewards at a non-excessive competitive rate. In some cases, the trading (buying and selling) of a particular token yields rewards that can be 3-4 times bigger than its trading volume. It means the only expense users pay is the trading fee.

All users have to do is identify which of the running trading competitions has the potential to yield big and join it as soon as possible. All the competitions are accessible here.

4. ProBit Exclusive – Medium level of complexity

2022: Dive Into Crypto with Top Features on ProBit Global

Regardless of the market conditions, you can buy top tokens at half their prices with ProBit Exclusive. The premium feature enables ProBit Global users to subscribe to and purchase popular pre-selected tokens – usually liquid and with respectable market caps – at a discount.

ProBit Exclusive will guarantee that all participants get a piece of the pie.

In the event of an oversubscription – when the user demand is more than the token allocated for the discount sale, all participants receive tokens proportionately less than their originally purchased amount. For example, if 1 million tokens were supplied for a ProBit Exclusive sale, but participating users subscribed for 2 million tokens, everyone will receive half the amount subscribed.

When there is an undersubscription and not all allotted tokens were claimed, participants will receive their originally purchased amount.

ProBit Global has so far onboarded several of the top 200 tokens to give users a chance to acquire some of the hottest tokens at very big discounts with readily abundant liquidity. It is also worth noting that aside from selling legendary crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum at half their market prices, ProBit Exclusive has historically given an average return of 28x. To be more precise, here is the gain rate of some tokens already featured on ProBit Exclusive: Decentraland (MANA) ~7.16x, Origin Protocol (OGN) ~2.10x, The Sandbox (SAND) ~23.72x, Axie Infinity (AXS) ~80x, ApeCoin (APE) ~2.17x.

Get familiar with the process of participating in ProBit Exclusive:

5. Trading Bots – Advanced level of complexity

Okay, after trying all the best functions highlighted above, you might still be curious to know how to get a choice asset without missing the perfect timing to buy and sell so as not to lose out in a bearish market. Our answer is simple: automated trading bots.

It can sound complicated the first time, but let’s go a bit deeper into the topic. It is not a secret that no one can accurately predict when an asset’s price will reach an all time high (ATH) or drop significantly. Relying on intuition is a strategy but after all the recessions in the market and other macroeconomic factors playing out, there is a need for something more solid and less risky.

A trading bot is an automated software that helps you trade assets at the correct time. They do not guarantee a 100x return on each trade but can bring stable growth to your portfolio while you hold your nerves on the need to constantly check the charts.

Currently, there are numerous trading bots on different platforms and ProBit Global has integrated most of them. Also, you don’t need to have a huge knowledge of programming to operate these bots. They come with easy-to-understand manuals that guide on how to use them to trade like a pro in a couple of minutes.

The integrated bots help you find the most preferable trading strategy. You can try out automated trading bots like BitUniverse, Hummingbot, Margin, and Deltabadger on ProBit Global now while more are added soon.

*Disclaimer: The above should not constitute financial advice. ProBit Global will not be held liable for any resulting financial losses if any. Always do your own research on the features of a platform or service and its reputation as a company before proceeding.

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