The "Ukrainka" vodka brand is back on supermarket shelves
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The "Ukrainka" vodka brand is back on supermarket shelves

"AV" trading house of Felix Chertok, after a long break, resumed the sale of vodka with a national color "Ukrainka"

The "Ukrainka" vodka brand is back on supermarket shelves

TM "Ukrainka": how it all began?

The history of the "Ukrainka" brand began in 2006, when the owner of the “AV” Trading House, Felix Chertok, wanted to introduce a product to the international market that would present Ukraine to consumers around the world.

The idea of creating the vodka was a harmonious combination of internal and external, that is, the traditional recipe of vodka on melted water and the national ornament on the bottle. This is how the manufacturer managed to convey the uniqueness of the product, which is an element of the cultural heritage of Ukrainians.

"If you want to make Ukraine known worldwide, then do it with decent and high-quality products. Therefore, we had the task of creating vodka with a traditional taste, high quality, and national color. As a result, we managed to realize the idea and present the "Ukrainka" vodka to the world, which in the future can become the calling card of our country."Felix Chertok, owner of the "AV" Trading House.

Due to a number of objective reasons, the manufacturers of "Ukrainka" vodka had to stop the production process of the drink for an indefinite period.

A new breath for the "Ukrainka" vodka brand.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia, the word "Ukraine" has not left the lips of millions of people. The whole world admires the bravery and devotion of its citizens, which caused a surge of great interest in everything Ukrainian: art, traditions, dishes, and vodka.

Ukrainians themselves try to popularize their native products as much as possible and give preference to the national producers.

The owner of "AV" Trading House, Felix Chertok, decided to resume the supply of "Ukrainka" vodka to the market. Today, the brand is available in 20,000 stores in our country and in 11 countries around the world.

The Ukrainka brand is represented on supermarket shelves by a collection of 3 different vodkas:

  • UKRAINKA TRADITIONAL has combined high-quality alcohol and specially prepared soft water. The taste of this vodka is familiar to every Ukrainian.
  • UKRAINKA PLATINUM is distinguished by light notes of menthol and lemon, obtained as a result of "Platinum filtration".
  • UKRAINKA STRONG is a strong vodka made from "Luxury" class alcohol and pure water for strong-spirited Ukrainians.

Felix Chertok about the return of the "Ukrainka" vodka brand in wartime conditions.

"We are happy to return to the shelves of our stores a brand that popularizes Ukrainian, and thereby support not only the country's economy in a difficult moment but also the morale of Ukrainians. I believe that with joint efforts, we will soon be able to restore everything that was lost and create something even better. I am sure that Ukrainian products can be spread all over the world to prove that Ukrainians are unbreakable", – Felix Chertok adds.

The "Ukrainka" vodka brand is back on supermarket shelves
In the photo: Felix Borisovich Chertok, owner of the “AV” Trading House.

Information about "AV" Trading House.

"AV" Trading House is a leading national distributor of alcoholic products. The company supplies goods, including vodka, cognacs, and wines, to more than 40,000 retail outlets in Ukraine and exports to 11 countries around the world.

The company's brand portfolio.

Every year, "AV" Trading House supplies almost 25 million bottles of alcoholic beverages to the market. The company's portfolio includes Green Day, Helsinki, Adjari, Dovbush Karpatskyi, Kosher Collection, and other brands that are popular among Ukrainian consumers.

Owners of "AV" Trading House. Dossier Chertok Felix Borisovich

As of March 2023, the company has 220 employees. The owner of the company is Felix Chertok, a businessman and investor who devoted his life to the development and popularization of Ukrainian enterprises.

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