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Biz4Intellia Inc.

Biz4Intellia is a well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, and configurable business services. Biz4Intellia is among the best companies for Internet of Things (IoT) Application development as recently we have been rated as one of the Top 50 IoT Company by CIOReview. We have been working on development solutions for IoT/wearable devices since last six years when the first hint of technologies was sounded in the market. Biz4Intellia is a breakthrough cloud-based Mobile & IoT software platform (PaaS) that enables an end-to-end ecosystem of connected devices/sensors to help customers to develop innovative solutions quickly and in a very cost-effective manner. Biz4Intellia provides out of box configurable business services including Device Management Services, Network Management Services, Reporting & Notifications Management Services, AWS Platform Management Services, Data Ingestion Services, Account Management Services, Mobile App Services, Custom Functionality Services, and Advanced Data Analysis & Machine Learning.
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